Grand Master Benny Meng


Grand Master Benny Meng has studied martial arts throughout the East and the West. In 1970, he started his martial arts training in Hong Kong, studying Judo. He began broadening his skills and knowledge with Tae Kwon Do training in 1974 under Grand Master Y.C. Kim (9th Dan, WTF) in the United States. Additional Tae Kwon Do training included Grand Master K. J. Park, former Head Judge at the Kuk Ki Won, the International Headquarters for Tae Kwon Do. He has enjoyed the privilege of studying under several famous Kung Fu Grand Masters from various styles. Beginning in 1981, Meng embarked on an extended study of martial arts that took him to: Hong Kong (1981-Tai Chi Mantis & Wing Chun) Mainland China (1983-Shaolin Temple and Sichuan Sports University), Korea (1985-Tae Kwon Do with the Korean National Team) and Taiwan (1985-Shaolin, Chi Kung).

Grand Master Meng began his Wing Chun Kung Fu training in Hong Kong in 1982 under the movie star Sifu Lee Hoi Sang. Upon returning to the US, he trained full-time training under Sifu Moy Yat while living in New York City in 1985. Meng officially started teaching Kung Fu in 1986.

The Ving Tsun Museum, the Ving Tsun Athletic Association & the Moy Yat International Ving Tsun Federation all certified him as a Senior Instructor. Additionally, the World Tae Kwon Do Federation certified him to the 6th Degree Black Belt level. Krav Maga International and C.O.B.R.A. have also certified him as an Instructor. In 2013, Grand Master Meng was also one of the first non-monks to be certified as an instructor in the warrior monk's training curriculum from the Shaolin Temple. This brings his martial arts career back to its Shaolin roots over 30 years later.


Sunmi Park-Meng


Mrs. Sunmi Park-Meng was born into a martial arts family in Seoul, Korea. She began her martial arts training with Taekwondo at five years old, training 5 days a week under Grand Master Kyung Jun Park, her father. Grand Master K.J. Park, at the time, was one of the few judges that conducted black belt promotional tests at the Kukkiwon, the world headquarters of Taekwondo. He was also an official Taekwondo international referee - one of the first generation of international referees.

She earned her 1st Poom (first degree junior black belt) at age 8 under the 55th black belt test to be held at the Kukkiwon. She took a short break in her training due to her family moving to the US 1976 and resumed training in early 1978 with Grand Master K.J. Park and her two older brothers who were 3rd Degree Black Belts at the time under Kukkiwon Certification.

She received her BA in Psychology in June 1993 from the University of Cincinnati. She began managing Meng's Martial Arts in January 1994 and began serving as a committee member on the Ving Tsun Museum project. She traveled extensively with Grand Master Meng and committee members to assist in keeping a journey and to witness important events taking place. She had ample opportunity to meet and have fellowship with some of the living legends of the martial arts, from different parts of the world. She also assisted in hosting many once-in-a-lifetime type events. In 2002, she participated and completed the first of three levels of Krav Maga Instructor Training in the US HQ of Krav Maga in Los Angeles, CA. She assists in teaching ladies at seminars around the world. In 2015, Mrs. Meng received her 4th Degree Black Belt after over 35 years of martial arts experience.


Vincent Meng



Master Vincent Meng began his martial arts journey at the age of three under his father, Grandmaster Benny Meng at Meng’s Martial Arts of Dayton, Ohio. He quickly fell in love with the art, after being heavily motivated by a popular television show Power Rangers. With full excitement and dedication, Vincent earned his first-degree black belt at the age of 6, which is also right around the time he began competing. Vincent currently has a fourth-degree black belt in the art of Taekwondo through the official Kukkiwon headquarters and a fifth-degree black sash in the art of Shaolin Wing Chun.

With the knowledge and experience from learning a complete system of combat through the art of Shaolin Wing Chun, Vincent is able to compete in many different disciplines that involve all ranges of combat which include kicking, striking and/or grappling. Vincent was also involved with the sport of wrestling in grade school all the way through high school under Centerville's head coach Alan Bair. Vincent was a 3-time letterman, team captain his senior year and was recognized as 1st Team in the Greater Western Miami Valley District. Wrestling gave a great background of the grappling games, which coincides with his other ranges of combat. With thousands matches and competing all the way from local to international tournaments, Vincent is now a 3-time World Champion. At the age of only 21 years old, he qualified for 4 national teams in 4 separate combat sports, in a single year, and now holds 3 World Titles, the only person to have such an accomplishment in the world of martial art sports.

While training and teaching full time, Vincent also excels academically. Vincent graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Dayton, in May of 2020. In 2018, in his third year, Vincent was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (The International Business Honor Society) and named Top 10% of his class. As his journey continues, Vincent is continuing to train hard and continuing to strive to be
the best.

International Competition Summary:
- 2023 FISU World University Games USA Team Member
- 2022 13th Pan American Wushu Championships: Bronze
- 2022 7th World Kuo Shu Championships: Gold
- 2019 7th Wushu World Championships USA Team Member
- 2018 1st IWUF Wing Chun World Championships: Gold
- 2018 USA Taekwondo National Collegiate USA Team Member
- 2018 1st FISU World University Championships USA Team Member
- 2018 6th World Kuo Shu Championships: Gold
- 2017 7th World Traditional Kung Fu Championship: Gold

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